The GBDFA was originally established as an unincorporated members’ association in 2007, and was registered as a private company limited by guarantee no. 08751604 in October 2013.

The GBDFA’s business is managed by a Board of Directors, five of whom are appointed for a four-year term period by the member organisations, and a sixth being an executive director. The Articles of Association allow for these Directors to recruit up to three additional Independent Non-Executive Directors (INEDs) on the basis of competency in key aspects of the organisation’s business – and an additional two INEDs have appointed to the Board since September 2014. The Chair of the Board is appointed by and from its members.

The objects of the GBDFA, as set out in its Articles of Association, are as follows – wherein “the Company” is GBDFA Ltd; “the Sport” is disability football, including and especially 5-a-side (Blind) and 7-a-side (Cerebral Palsy) football; and “the Territory” is Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

  1. to act as the governing body for the Sport at Great Britain level within the Territory;
  2. to be responsible for the selection, preparation and performance of football players and teams to represent Great Britain in international competitions including but not limited to the Paralympic Games, World and European Championships;
  3. to establish systems, structures and processes that will provide clear and transparent opportunities for players, coaches and officials representing Great Britain to participate at the highest level of the Sport;
  4. to support the formulation and implementation of strategies for the development of the Sport within the Territory, working with and through the Home Country Football Associations and the Home Country Disability Sports Organisations, with a view to creating pathways for talented players, enhancing performances at national and international levels, and staging and supporting national and international competitions and events;
  5. to consult and co-operate with other organisations operating in the Sport within the Territory in all matters relating to the administration, promotion and playing of the Sport at Great Britain level;
  6. to act as representative of the Territory in international affairs and to carry out functions delegated to it at international level by the British Blind Sport, Cerebral Palsy Sport, the Home Country Disability Sports Organisations and other relevant bodies;
  7. to develop and nurture relationships between the Company and UK Sport and other Sports Councils within the Territory as appropriate, the British Paralympic Association, the Home Country Football Associations, Home Country Disability Sports Organisations, and other relevant government departments and organisations;
  8. to develop a commercial, marketing and public relations programme which raises both profile and funds for the Company and for the Great Britain teams within the Sport;
  9. to take such action from time to time as the Board may consider desirable for the benefit of the Sport and the members of the Company;
  10. to undertake and execute charitable trusts for the benefit of the Sport as appropriate; and

to do all such other things as shall be thought fit to further the interests of the Company or to be incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects set out above.


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